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Need it sold? U Better Call Paul!
Your friendly, hard-working, going-the-extra-mile, local real estate expert, serving Almonte and the Ottawa Valley. Paul and his associates will work with you to make your buying and selling process as efficient and stress-free as possible.

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How to Find a Good Moving Company

We’ve all heard nightmare stories about bad moving companies. Items go missing or get broken in transport, possessions are held hostage, or the experience just feels very sketchy.The last

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Renting vs Buying: Which is the Right Choice for You?

Deciding whether to rent or buy is complicated.There are a lot of factors to consider – and a lot of opinions to listen to.In Canada, there is a strong inclination to buy a home rather than

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Your Top 5 Home Selling Questions, Answered

Home selling is not something you have to do very frequently.Unless you buy and flip properties for a living, that is.Most homeowners will have gone through the process of selling their home no more

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Why Downsize Your Home?

Downsizing (moving into a smaller home, condo, or apartment) is a move that’s usually associated with retirement.But downsizing doesn’t only have to be empty-nesters and those who are no

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