Repairs You Need to Make Before You List Your Home

Dated: April 12 2021

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What home repairs might you need to make before you decide to sell?

For many home buyers, the thought of having to do repairs on a new home is enough to put a stop on any sale.

Moving can be extremely stressful, and the last thing buyers want to do is think about adding repairs to their long list of things to do before they can settle into their new place.

So, while your house may be in good condition overall, you should take some time to look for things that need to be repaired before you list. Fixing up little things can make your house that much more attractive and desirable.

Taking the time to do small repairs demonstrates that your home is well cared for, which means less hassle for the next occupants.

Below is a list of repairs you should check for before you decide to sell your home.

Exterior repairs

Curb appeal is particularly important in real estate because a buyer’s first impression of your home can set the tone for the rest of their viewing. Making the necessary repairs to the exterior of your home will let buyers know right away that you have taken good care of your house.

Refresh the landscaping

A little bit of landscaping goes a long way. On top of taking the time to care for your lawn and tend to your gardens, it is a good idea to trim trees and hedges. Make sure that there are no plants encroaching on the house or dead foliage to distract buyers from your gorgeous home.

Repair your patio

Porches and decks are favourite spaces for outdoor entertaining and enjoying good weather. But exposure to the elements can also cause a lot of damage. Make sure that you clean or replace boards as necessary. It’s also a good idea to make sure that there are no wobbly supports or loose boards.

Reshingle the roof

Strong winds and sun damage can lead to loose or missing shingles as well as sealant damage. Check to make sure that there are no potential leaks in your roof, and replace shingles as necessary.

Examine exterior doors

In sun and snow, your exterior doors keep out unwanted weather conditions. They also help seal in air when heating or cooling your house. Therefore it is a good idea to make sure that all of your exterior doors close properly and have good weatherstripping.

Interior repairs

Small repairs can easily get put off and minor issues can often go unnoticed in daily routines. But as you are preparing your house to go on the market, you need to be aware of damages that might stand out more to a potential buyer’s scrutinizing eye. When it comes time for a home inspection, it will go more smoothly if you have already addressed all of the repairs you knew needed to be handled.

Paint the walls

Painting is an easy and affordable way to refresh a room. Whether there are nail holes and dents that need to be plastered over, or you just find that the room looks a bit aged, a fresh coat of paint can cover all of that up. If you have any wallpaper in your home, you may want to take it down and add a nice neutral colour to the walls to create a blank canvas for the future owners.

Fix up the floors

Flooring takes a lot of damage. Pets and children, especially, can cause plenty of spills and scratches. It might be a good idea to steam clean your carpets, or replace them if they have bad stains and tears. Fix scratches on wooden floors and replace broken tiles.

Improve the lighting

Good lighting makes a big difference to the feel of a room. If you have poor lighting in any rooms, you might want to replace those fixtures to provide better visibility for potential buyers. 

Repair broken fixtures

Leaky drains, rusted hinges, and outdated appliances need to be addressed before your home can be sold. If your oven is inefficient or your drawers no longer open properly, that could quickly become frustrating for the new buyers. Make sure that all of the basic fixtures in your home are working properly before any showings.

In the end, you get out of your home what you put into it. A good-looking, well-cared-for home will garner a lot more interest on the market than any that require repairs, no matter how minor.

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