Easy Landscaping DIY Projects

Dated: March 31 2021

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Get your yard ready for spring with these easy landscaping DIYs

Spring has arrived! And we have been absolutely loving the warmer weather here in Almonte.

As the snow melts and the plants start to bloom, our minds are shifting to thoughts of spending more time outdoors, lounging in our yards, working in our gardens, and enjoying a good backyard barbeque.

But maybe you’re looking to refresh your yard to make it that much more enjoyable to spend time in it this year (especially if social gatherings continue to be primarily outdoor events this year).

Whether you want to give your whole yard a new look, or just find something to work on outside this month, we have some easy DIY landscaping project ideas for you:

1. Create a path

A walkway is a stylish and simple addition to any yard. You can invest in some flagstones or gravel to make a durable path. Or, save some money and build it out of reclaimed pallet wood. Simply dig a small trench along the pathway and arrange your materials as you desire.

2. Add a small wall

Section off your yard to make it look clean and stylish. Build brick borders around your gardens and trees, make wooden flower beds, or add a short fence for a vegetable garden.

3. Light it up

Lights are a great improvement to any yard. No matter how late it gets, your yard will be a perfect spot for entertaining all summer. You can easily purchase some solar-powered lights to stick in the ground around your gardens or along paths. Or buy some outdoor string lights and hang them up over your patio, along the fence, and in your trees.

4. Plant vertically

Save yard space by planting vertically. Use trellises and climbing plants to add greenery to small spaces while adding some privacy. Construct a pallet garden for herbs and small flowers if you don’t have enough ground space.

5. Add a water feature

Running water is so relaxing, but store-bought fountains can also be costly. Try building your own water feature with some tubing and a submersible pump. Make a little fountain by layering a couple of flower pots. Or dig a small pond and stack rocks along one side to wake a waterfall.

6. Make pallet furniture

Outdoor furniture is a must for anyone who intends to spend warmer seasons outdoors. With some basic carpentry skills, you can turn old wooden pallets into a full furniture set. It’s extremely affordable, and it creates a nice rustic vibe. Create an extra cozy space for your family and guests by adding cushions, pillows, and throws.

Get ready for the warmer weather with these easy landscaping DIY projects

Is your yard ready for patio season?

If you’re looking to make some small improvements to your yard, now is the time to do it. Pick a DIY project and get started. These are just a few simple project ideas that will make a small but noticeable impact on your yard.

Plus, they can do wonders for your curb appeal. 😉

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