7 Reasons to Move to Almonte

Dated: April 5 2021

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7 Reasons to Move to Almonte

It’s no surprise that we love Almonte.

This is our hometown. This is our community.

This is why we do what we do: because we are proud of this community and we want others to see why Almonte is such a great place to live.

You would have to experience Almonte yourself to know just why we love it, but here are 7 reasons why we think you should move to Almonte right now:

1. It’s a growing small town

Located about 30 minutes outside of the nation’s capital, Almonte is conveniently close to the city but still has that small-town feel. The close-knit community, family-run businesses, and historic character make this town feel so welcoming. But, because of its proximity to Ottawa, it is also quickly expanding.

There are new developments and businesses appearing all the time. Yet, even as the town grows, it continues to maintain its friendly atmosphere.

2. It’s in a beautiful location

Downtown Almonte is located along the Mississippi River. There are plenty of parks and river-walks where you can enjoy the views in between the old farmhouses and historic buildings downtown. (In fact, a number of movie productions come to downtown Almonte every year because of its quaint character.)

And when it comes to recreation, there are lots of trails for hiking, snowmobiling, and sightseeing within a short distance of the town.

3. There’s a fabulous local food scene

In spite of its size, Almonte has a number of food and drink destinations that are renowned throughout the Ottawa area and beyond:

  • Equator Coffee Roasters: organic, fair-trade coffee roaster and cafe
  • Hummingbird Chocolate: award-winning chocolatiers
  • Dairy Distillery: makers of Vodkow milk vodka
  • Food trucks, ice cream shops, and so much more!

On top of that, Almonte is a great place to find local produce and baked goods. There are tons of local farmers producing a whole range of products, and many of them can be found at the Almonte Farmers Market.

4. There are tons of unique local businesses

Looking for something to do on the weekend? In Almonte, you can simply go for a stroll and explore a host of locally-owned businesses. From antiques shops and bookstores to clothing boutiques and pottery studios, there are tons of local business owners and artisans offering unique items to interest everyone.

5. It’s close to Ottawa

For those who are working in the big city, Almonte is an affordable place to live without adding a lot of time to your commute. But even if you don’t work in Ottawa, you can easily hop on the highway and head into town to explore the city, experience local festivals and events, and visit the museums. There is always something going on in the city, and living in Almonte lets you be a part of it all whenever you wish.

6. It’s full of history

The village of Almonte has existed since 1870. And when you walk through the town, you can see that history everywhere. Just walk down Mill Street, and you will see buildings so old that there is still a porte cochere leading to a restaurant parking lot. The Mississippi Valley Textile Museum and the Almonte Electric Plant, show signs of the industrial development that occurred during the 20th century. There are quaint old houses and mills that have been repurposed into apartments. There is literally history all around.

7. There’s lots to do

On top of recreational trails, shopping, and day trips to the city, there are a number of local festivals and events happening at various times throughout the year. Take in concerts by local artists, enjoy the Almonte Fair with your family in July, or get involved with a club or community organization.

Considering a move to Almonte?

If you are interested in moving to Almonte, we can help you find a home to suit your needs. Simply call 613-256-7285.

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