The Most Expensive Homes on the Ottawa Market Right Now

Dated: August 5 2021

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The Most Expensive Homes on the Ottawa Market Right Now

Do you like to dream about what kind of house you would have if money wasn’t an issue? So do we.

We all have an idea of what our dream home would look like.

And it can be fun to think about what kind of place we would get if we ever won the lottery (even if we never buy a ticket).

That got us thinking about some of the more luxurious listings on the market. Although many of us could never afford them, we were curious to know: what are the most expensive houses on the market in the Ottawa area right now?

Here are the 5 most lavish houses we could find (click the address to view the listing): 

270 Spence Lane, Athens

It’s almost hard to believe that such a stunning waterfront property sits just 10 minutes outside the humble town of Athens, Ontario. This property is a sprawling complex of villas, boat houses, and entertainment areas. The opulence of the property feels like something out of a celebrity lifestyle magazine, but also easily lends itself to becoming a lakefront resort.

2560 Sixth Line Rd., Ottawa

Land; that is what you get from this property. 218 acres of land, to be exact. This massive lot is beautifully treed, and offers plenty of waterfront access, including a private beach and dock. But on top of all of that, there is a sprawling bungalow which has been given some major upgrades – including a pool, tennis court, solarium, and more – by its previous owner, Michael Cowpland (co-founder of Mitel).

118 Willingdon Rd., Ottawa

If there is one thing that this house has in high supply, it’s natural light. This gorgeous stone house has so many massive windows! The house also boasts tons of warm hardwood accents. But the thing that draws our attention most is the size and shape of some of the rooms in the home.

263 Soper Pl., Ottawa

A sleek, modern home with a pool? Yes, please! We love looking at the clean design of this house with its very linear, geometric design. The space is so bright and open. Plus, it looks extremely well lit with pot lights in almost every room. This house is so different from all of the others on the list.

3683 Revelstoke Dr., Ottawa

This last property is a dream for anyone who loves an organized home! With a large pantry and laundry room, both furnished with massive built-in cabinets, and a gorgeous walk-in closet, you would never have to worry about running out of space, no matter how big your family is. This house has more of a classic waterfront home feel, but the indoor skateboarding area and family screening room make this a true luxury property.

We hope you had fun looking at these remarkable, one-of-a-kind properties!

And don’t forget: if you’re ever in the market for your dream home, U Better Call Paul Real Estate can help you find just what you’re looking for.

Please note: These are not our listings, and we are not posting this as a promotion for the properties, but because we thought this might be a fun read for people who are interested in real estate.

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